Single, Married Divorced
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Single, Married Divorced  (TBC)

Arabic Comedy

1 hr 40 mins
An adventurous journey of four women who are single in their 30`s!
Release Date15 Jan, 2015
DirectorElie Khalife
WriterNibal Arakji
Cast & CrewDarine Hamze,Nada Abou Farhat,Julia Kassar,Nibal Arakji,Marwa Khalil
SynopsisWho says women can`t have all the fun in life? Single, Married Divorced (Yalla 3a2eblkon) is a film that celebrates womanhood. There are four women in their 30`s and they are happily single! The film talks about the societal pressure these women have to face because of their single-hood.

This film stars Darine Hamze, Nada Abou Farhat, Julia Kassar, Nibal Arakji and Marwa Khalil in lead roles.