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Rosapoo  (PG-15)

Malayalam Comedy, Drama

2 hrs 45 mins
Rosapoo, releasing across the UAE cinemas this March.
Release Date15 Mar, 2018
DirectorVinu Joseph
WriterVinu Joseph
Cast & CrewAnjali, Soubin Shahir, Neeraj Madhav
SynopsisAfter suffering a loss in his brick-and-mortar duty-free shop, Shajahan who hails from Kochi finds it difficult to sustain his business. To make ends meet, Shajahan decides to take up odd jobs but to no avail. Neeraj, on the other hand, a cable guy, and Shajahan`s friend, who aspires to make it big as a director strikes the idea of making an adult film. What happens next forms the crux.
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