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Hindi Action, Adventure, Thriller

2 hrs
A story from the jungles of the Sundarbans!
Release Date30 Oct, 2014
DirectorKamal Sadanah
WriterAanand Goradiya
Cast & CrewNora Fatehi, Achint Kaur, Aaran Chaudhary
SynopsisThe hunters didn`t know that soon they are going to be hunted.....

Actor, director Kamal Sadanah`s Roar follows the life of Uday, a photojournalist, who is on an assignment in the jungles of Sundarbans. During the assignment, Uday rescues a white tiger cub from a poachers trap and brings the cub to a small settlement he is based in. This creates problem in the village and in order to calm down to the villagers, the forest warden takes the cub away.

This leads to the wildest and scariest entry!! The Royal Bengal Tigress enters the village in search for her cub and reaches Udays hut. When she fails to get her cub back, she unleashes her wrath upon Uday, kills him, and disappears with his body.....