Rio, I Love You
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Rio, I Love You  (G)

English Comedy, Drama, Romance

1 hr 50 mins
Falling in love in Rio de Janeiro!
Release Date2 Oct, 2014
DirectorVicente Amorim
WriterAndrucha Waddington
Cast & CrewFernanda Montenegro,Eduardo Sterblitch,Regina
SynopsisThe love and craze for Brazil doesn`t ends with football, here`s more to it.....RIO!

An anthology focusing on short stories filmed in Brazils most internationally famous city and former capital. The film brings together well-known directors and actors. The stories center romance in Rio de Janeiro.

The stories will be directed by such talent as Fernando Meirelles, Stephan Elliott, Im Sang-soo, Jose Padilha, Paolo Sorrentino, John Turturro and others.