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English Drama, Thriller

1 hr 35 mins
How long can you remember a memory long lost?
Release Date21 Jan, 2016
DirectorAtom Egoyan
WriterBenjamin August
Cast & CrewChristopher Plummer,Dean Norris,Martin Landau
SynopsisIn what it deemed to be his best role yet, legendary Hollywood actor Christopher Plummer plays Zev, a lonely old man who calls out his wife`s name every time he wakes, only to be reminded that she has died. Zev suffers from memory loss and has been forgetting more and more of late. That`s why Max has scrupulously written down instructions for every step of the journey Zev has agreed to take, a journey that will take Zev to various cities across the US and Canada in search of a man named Rudy Kolander.