Railroad Tigers
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Railroad Tigers  (PG-15)

English Action, Comedy

1 hr 45 mins
Fighting for freedom against a massive army of captivators
Release Date26 Jun, 2017
DirectorDing Sheng
WriterDing Sheng
Cast & CrewJackie Chan, Jaycee Chan, Zitao Huang
SynopsisRailroad Tigers is a story about a Railroad worker, played by Jackie Chan, who fights against the Japanese soldiers who eye a major transportation enforcement. Chan leads a handful of freedom fighters and uses his expertise in the rail network to steal supplies and feed the starving Chinese in captivity.

The Japanese army retaliates by calling for more troops to expel the small group. Now, as the stakes are raised higher, the group tries to explode a bridge that will bring in the Japanese reinforcement. It is a big task as Chan and comrades do not have any weapons and they are stacked against a massive army with all the equipment.
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