Pullikkaran Staraa
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Pullikkaran Staraa  (PG-15)

Malayalam Comedy, Drama

2 hrs 30 mins
Starring Mammootty, Pullikkaran Staraa releases across UAE cinemas on 28th September.
Release Date12 Oct, 2017
WriterRatheesh Ravi
Cast & CrewMammootty, Asha Sharath, Deepti Sati, Innocent, Dileesh Pothan, Hareesh Perumanna
SynopsisThe story revolves around the life of Rajakumaran, a talented teacher and also a trainer for other teaching staff. His way of communication and the method he adopts while teaching, makes him everybody`s favorite. The story takes a turn when two women from two different generations come across his life and change it for the better or worse.
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