Project Almanac
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Project Almanac  (PG-13)

English Sci-Fi

1 hr 55 mins
Make your weekend exciting with this amazing sci-fi film.
Release Date5 Mar, 2015
DirectorDean Israelite
WriterAndrew Deutschman
Cast & CrewAmy Landecker, Sofia Black-D`Elia, Virginia Gardner
SynopsisWhen a high-school nerd David Raskin and his friends discovers his late father`s plans for a ``temporal displacement device``, he decides to execute the plan. When the device is ready to work, all the teenagers try to get their hands on the time machine, however, things starts to get out of control and they have to bear the consequences of their actions.

Project Almanac is the sci-fi film that you can enjoy with your family and friends over the weekend. Starring Amy Landecker, Sofia Black-D`Elia, Virginia Gardner, this film is a complete edge-of-the-seat entertainer.