Postman Pat
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Postman Pat  (G)

English Animation, Children

1 hr 30 mins
A man who delivers letters, get stuck between dreams and fame.
Release Date24 Jul, 2014
DirectorMike Disa
WriterAnnika Bluhm
Cast & CrewJane Carr, Jim Broadbent, Robin Atkin Downes
SynopsisPat, a postman, dreams to spend his late honeymoon in Italy, but to no avail, he loses this chance. He learns about the talent show, ``You`re the One`` and decides to take part in the show. His singing is liked by everyone and gets an entry for the finale where he must compete with another winner, Josh. Josh`s father, Wilf, who wants his son to win in every condition, tries every possible way to make Pat`s journey a challenging one.