Pororo : The Racing Adventure (3D)
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Pororo : The Racing Adventure (3D)  

English Animation, Children

1 hr 20 mins
Participate in an adventurous race in the beautiful icy land of Northpia!
Release Date19 Jun, 2014
DirectorYoung Kyun Park
WriterMychal Simka
Cast & CrewChris Jai Alex, Anthony Anderson, Zhang Anqi
SynopsisIn this animated adventure, the cute little penguin Pororo along with his friends causes an airplane`s emergency landing in their village, Pororo. On the same airplane, there are some turtles traveling to Northpia, in order to deliver the ice sleds or racing ice cars. Pororo and his friends, who believe that the turtles are racers, take some championship lessons from the turtles and join them for the race at Northpia.

But soon Pororo and his gang face their strongest adversaries when they make it to the finals.