Pocket Listing
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Pocket Listing  (18+)

English Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

1 hr 40 mins
A perfect crime-thriller, with great acting and interesting storyline.
Release Date20 Nov, 2014
DirectorConor Allyn
WriterJames Jurdi
Cast & CrewRob Lowe, Burt Reynolds, Noel Gugliemi
SynopsisLaced with betrayal, adultery, murder, mistaken identity, illegal activities and revenge, this darkly comic crime-thriller follows the rise and fall of a broker, Jack Woodman.

Focusing on the current real-estate market, director Conor Allyn`s Pocket Listing revolves around Frank Hunter, a mysterious power player and his sultry wife, Lana, who hire a disgraced Los Angeles property broker Jack Woodman to discreetly market and sell their Malibu villa.

The deal that first interests Jack, later jeopardizes his life when he discovers that Hunter is a power player oil tycoon and involved in shady operations. With time no time in hand, Jack finds his life twisted in the middle of this dirty crime deal, and is forced to fight for survival.