Playing It Cool
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Playing It Cool  (18+)

English Romance

1 hr 35 mins
A romantic-comedy film about a couple who share a platonic relationship.
Release Date12 Feb, 2015
DirectorJustin Readron
WriterChris Shafer
Cast & CrewChris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Aubrey Plaza
SynopsisA good romantic comedy film is all you need to kick start your lazy weekend! Playing it Cool is just that kind of cinema where you want to snuggle in comfort and watch the film.

The story of this film revolves around a writer, who aspires to write about action stuff. However, his publisher wants him to write about romance. Being a non-believer in love and romance, he finds it extremely difficult and challenging to write. But right then, he bumps into a woman and falls for her, only to enter into a platonic relationship with her, who is already engaged to someone else.

Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan play the lead in this fun, romantic film, which will surely make you believe in love all over again!