Picket 43
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Picket 43  (18+)

Malayalam Action

1 hr 50 mins
A touching story of two friends who are torn apart due to two warring nation - India and Pakistan.
Release Date12 Feb, 2015
DirectorMajor Ravi
WriterMajor Ravi
Cast & CrewPrithviraj, Javed Jaffery, Renji Panikkar
SynopsisAn Indian army officer is appointed to guard a picket in Kashmir alone, and this results in a pure and genuine friendship with a Pakistani soldier located near the picket. The story of Picket 43 focuses on the psychological trauma a soldier faces while safeguarding his motherland and the relationship he shares at the border. It deals with true friendship and compassion that goes way beyond the war between these torn apart countries.

Picket 43 stars Prithviraj and Javed Jaffrey in lead roles, and the film is narrated by Mohanlal, one of the biggest superstars of Malayalam language films in India. Come and enjoy this heart-wrenching story of friendship.