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Parole  (PG-15)

Malayalam Drama, Thriller

2 hrs 45 mins
Releasing across the UAE cinemas this April.
Release Date19 Apr, 2018
DirectorSharrath Sandith
WriterAjith Poojappura
Cast & CrewMia George,Mammootty,Pallavi
SynopsisAlex is a comrade and an active communist leader, who, besides being a comrade, is also an ordinary man who loves his family and people around. Due to some unfortunate events, Alex gets arrested and is imprisoned but is compelled to come out on Parole to solve a mystery he left behind.
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Novo Cinema: Sahara Centre+

Sahara Mall, Al Nahda Road, UAE

20 Apr, 2018
21 Apr, 2018
22 Apr, 2018
23 Apr, 2018
24 Apr, 2018
25 Apr, 2018
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