Navy Seals: The Battle Of New Orleans
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Navy Seals: The Battle Of New Orleans  (15 )

English Action

1 hr 31 mins
A thrilling epic starring real-life Navy Seals!
Release Date11 Feb, 2016
DirectorStanton Barrett
Cast & CrewEd Quinn,Michael Dudikoff,Rick Fox
SynopsisIn this action-packed thriller starring real Navy Seals, a terrible virus breaks out in New Orleans turning everyone into ravenous, uncontrollable, superhumans. When the violence threatens the Vice Presidents campaign visit to the area, the CIA sends in Navy Seal Team 6 to secure the Vice President and rescue scientists from a facility whose research could provide the cure. The mission quickly goes awry, however, and a rookie Seal finds himself quickly working with a courageous news reporter to save the Vice President and, ultimately, the world.