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Munnariyippu  (G)

Malayalam Drama, Thriller

2 hrs 5 mins
Watch some superbly carved characters! Great performances by Mammootty and Anjali Arakkal!
Release Date18 Sep, 2014
WriterVenu, Unni R.
Cast & CrewMammootty, Aparna Gopinath, Sajju Kurup
SynopsisA jail convict, a journalist and a book to be written.... some untold story!

Anjali Arakkal, a freelance journalist makes her living being a ghost writer. Her latest client is the jail Superintendent Krishnamoorthy. During her visit to the jail, she comes across Raghavan, who was jailed for two murders. Though he has served his sentence, he continues to stay in the prison.

Anjali gets curious about Raghavan, and writes an article on him that gets national attention. Soon, she receives an offer from a leading publishing agency to write a book on the untold story of Raghavan.

Find out whether Raghavan opens up to the world with the book!