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Montana  (18 )

English Action, Crime, Drama

1 hr 48 mins
The soldier and his young protege!
Release Date18 Dec, 2014
DirectorMo Ali
WriterJeremy Sheldon,Peter Lowe
Cast & CrewMichelle Fairley,Lars Mikkelsen,Adam Deacon
SynopsisIn the mean streets of London`s East End, the film tells the story of a former Serbian soldier Dimitrije, who has been hunting down the notorious gangster Lazarus who committed heinous war-crimes against Dimitrije and his family back in 1995.

The soldier takes up on himself to avenge the crime lord. On his mission, he comes across a fourteen-year old Montana - one of Lazarus` henchmen.

He now plots against the deadly criminal and his gang, by training the young boy in the dark arts of assassination and learns the true meaning of friendship, honour and respect.