Monster Trucks
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Monster Trucks  (PG-13)

English Sci-Fi

1 hr 50 mins
Buckle up for a wild ride!
Release Date26 Jan, 2017
DirectorChris Wedge
WriterMatthew Robinson
Cast & CrewLucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon
SynopsisSet in the heart of America, this coming-of-age story follows Tripp, a high school student longing
to get out of his small town and experience a bigger life. When an explosion at a local drilling
site unearths a monster, Tripp quickly learns that they are kindred spirits and they form an
unlikely friendship. Hiding his new friend in plain site by concealing him under the carriage of
his truck, Tripp embarks on the experience of a lifetime and creates his dream ride in the
process: a literal Monster Truck!
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