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Mindscape  (15 )

English Drama, Thriller

1 hr 39 mins
Entering your memory... a sharp-witted film with a twisty storyline.
Release Date27 Nov, 2014
DirectorJorge Dorado
WriterGuy Holmes,Martha Holmes
Cast & CrewMark Strong,Taissa Farmiga,Brian Cox
SynopsisJohn Washington, is a memory detective, who has the ability to enter people`s memories. In the past, John used his abilities to solve criminal cases and psychological conflicts. After recovering from his wife`s death and a stroke during one of the sessions, John takes up a new assignment, that is of a brilliant but troubled and dangerous 16-year-old Anna.

Anna, the daughter of wealthy parents, has gone on a hunger strike, and John must get her eating again. The job that is very simple initially, turns out to be complicated and dangerous later as Anna proves to be much more challenging than he possibly imagined.

While John enters her mind to find out whether she is a sociopath or a victim of trauma, he finds out that Anna is not as innocent as she seems. He finds her one of the most conniving and manipulative people that he`s come across in his career. Is the girl playing him by presenting false memories?