Maya The Bee
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Maya The Bee  (G)

English Animation, Children

1 hr 20 mins
`Bee` the fighter, the hero, the winner!
Release Date2 Oct, 2014
DirectorSimon Pickard, Alexs Stadermann
WriterFin Edquist
Cast & CrewKodi Smit-McPhee, Noah Taylor, Richard Roxburgh
SynopsisAn adventure-filled ride, where a cute little bee explores the outside world!

Maya the bee born in a bee hive during internal unrest: the hive is dividing itself into two new colonies. She is raised by her teacher, Mrs. Cassandra. She is strictly warned by her teacher about the problems in the world outside the hive.

Despite the warnings, Maya makes the biggest mistake of her life of leaving the hive and begins her journey to explore the big world. During her adventures, Maya, now in exile, befriends other insects and overcomes dangers with them. But what happens when she is asked to choose between her life and her hive. Will she triumph in the battle and save her friends?