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Lucy  (15+)

English Action, Sci-Fi

1 hr 30 mins
A woman sets an agenda to destroy the people, who transform her into a superwoman!
Release Date14 Aug, 2014
DirectorLuc Besson
WriterLuc Besson
Cast & CrewScarlett Johansson, Analeigh Tipton, Morgan Freeman
SynopsisShe will destroy her enemies when they force her to become a superhero!

Lucy, a young woman transforms into a superwoman when she is forced into drug muling by a gangster! Meanwhile, a drug is implanted in her body, it starts affecting her system and that allows her to use more than the normal 10% of her brain`s capacity. Lucy easily gains access to confidential information instantaneously, moves objects with her mind. She doesn`t feel pain, discomfort and soon, plans to destroy her enemies....