Love, Rosie
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Love, Rosie  (18+)

English Comedy, Romance

1 hr 40 mins
A classic romcom based on Cecelia Ahern`s `Where Rainbows End`.
Release Date23 Oct, 2014
DirectorChristian Ditter
WriterJuliette Towhidi
Cast & CrewLily Collins, Sam Claflin, Christian Cooke
SynopsisThe whole world knows that Rosie and Alex are destined for each other, except for them!

Alex and Rosie are childhood friends since the age of 5 and can`t stay away from each other. Their relationship gets closer by the day, but what happens when Alex gets an offer from a college in Boston? Not ready to accept the separation, Rosie plans to join him in the US. Things are just perfect, but on the eve of the departure, Rosie receives some news that changes her life forever....She doesn`t goes to the US!!

What could stop Rosie from being with the love of her life? Don`t you thing these two are their own worst enemies? Will they ever reunite.....Will they gamble everything for the true love?