Life After Beth
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Life After Beth  (PG-15)

English Drama

1 hr 29 mins
When his dead girlfriend comes back to life!
Release Date5 Mar, 2015
DirectorJeff Baena
WriterJeff Baena
Cast & CrewAubrey Plaza,Dane DeHaan,John C. Reilly,Anna Kendrick
SynopsisA zombie movie that has a young and unnatural love story - where the boyfriend must date his deceased girlfriend!

A heart-broken Zach is devastated by the unexpected, untimely death of his girlfriend, Beth. But when she miraculously comes back to life, he plans to do everything for her that he couldn`t do when she was alive. He takes this opportunity as life`s second chance to show the unconditional love for his girlfriend.

However, soon he starts to realize that the newly returned Beth is not the same. Beth, who has returned as a zombie starts to get violent whenever her wishes are rejected or when she finds Zach with any other girl. She even destroys her family when they try to control her.

Zach must now make the right decision, before it is too late, and things take a turn for the worse!