Les Gorilles
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Les Gorilles  (PG-13)

French Action, Comedy

1 hr 21 mins
A fun-filled action-comedy film .
Release Date7 May, 2015
DirectorTristan Aurouet
WriterTristan Aurouet
Cast & CrewJoey Starr, Manu Payet, Alice Belaidi
SynopsisLes Gorilles is a French action-comedy film that tells a story of Alfanso, a jaded and brutal officer of the High Personalities Protection Service who is forced to team up and work with Walter, a young, inexperienced recruit. They both are giving the responsibility for the protection a young R&B star of Jal-Y, who is threatened by her criminal ex.

Starring Joey Starr, Manu Payet and Alice Belaidi, watch this film for a fun-filled weekend.