Koyelaanchal - Hindi
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Koyelaanchal - Hindi  

Hindi Crime, Drama

2 hrs 30 mins
Exploring the lives, culture and morals of the people in Koyelaanchal.
Release Date8 May, 2014
Cast & CrewVinod Khanna, Bajrangbali Singh, Sunil Shetty
SynopsisIf coal is an important fuel of our industrial development, Koyelaanchal (coal belt of India) brings to light the explosive story of the people who have kept our precious fuel station at ransom for centuries. Calling these people coal mafia would be an understatement.

Koyelaanchal unveils itself through Saryu Bhan Singh (Vinod Khanna), an ex-owner turned Mafioso of the region, who through his sheer brutality and blatant defiance of law of the land, forces the people and the authorities to acknowledge him as their maalik. Any protest, any voice of dissent against him is dealt with spine-chilling violence of epic proportions.