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English Action, Drama

1 hr 30 mins
With complete action and drama, a girl fights her nemesis!
Release Date16 Oct, 2014
DirectorRalph Ziman
WriterYasuomi Umetsu
Cast & CrewSamuel L. Jackson, India Eisley, Callan McAuliffe, Cleo Rinkwest
SynopsisSawa sets out to avenge the baddies who destroyed her family!

A young woman, Sawa, is orphaned following the murder of her parents. A crooked, Svengali-like detective raises her as he employs homeless children to do his dirty work. She is trained as a killer, Sawa works for him until she is able to break free of the abusive, manipulative control he has over her.

She lives a secret life that of a covert assassin! Being the daughter of a police detective who was involved in the investigation of human trafficking, Sawa goes on to become a human time-bomb and aims to eliminate members of the flesh-cartels whom she presumes murdered her family.