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Kajaki  (15 )

English Drama

1 hr 48 mins
A thrilling story based on a true story.
Release Date7 May, 2015
DirectorPaul Katis
WriterTom Williams
Cast & CrewMark Stanley,David Elliot,Malachi Kirby
SynopsisYoung British soldiers are given a task to guard the Kajaki Dam. During this course, they encounter an unexpected and terrifying enemy - a dried-out river bed. Every step they take on that land, there is a possibility of an anti-personnel mine, which could cost them a leg or even life!

The plot of the film Kajaki is based on the true story of Mark Wright and of a small unit of British soldiers positioned near the Kajaki dam, in Afghanistan. Directed by Paul Katis, this film stars Mark Stanley, David Elliot and Malachi Kirby in important roles.