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Jessabelle  (TBC)

English Horror, Thriller

1 hr 30 mins
Haunted house, horror, Ghost / spirit and the young beautiful woman!
Release Date13 Nov, 2014
DirectorKevin Greutert
WriterRobert ben Garant
Cast & CrewSarah Sook,Mark Webber,David Andrews,Joelle Carter
SynopsisTragedy-stricken Jessabelle`s life becomes even more miserable when she returns to her father`s run-down mansion!

A psychological ghost tale that will surely scare you with its horror scenes! After losing her fiance in a car accident, grief-stricken Jessie is forced to return to her childhood home in Louisiana. Soon, she discovers a mystery surrounding her birth and comes face to face with a spirit determined to destroy her. Who is behind the young Jessie`s troublesome life?