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Invader  (18+)

English Action, Drama, Thriller

1 hr 39 mins
A military doctor invades... endangering his own life!
Release Date11 Sep, 2014
DirectorDaniel Calparsoro
WriterJorge Arenillas
Cast & CrewAlberto Ammann, Antonio de la Torre, Karra Elejalde
SynopsisHe returns safe, only to get into danger again....!

Invader revolves around Pablo, a Spanish military doctor, who returns home to his family almost after getting killed in a terrorist attack. Soon, he starts suspecting that the army is hiding some important information related to the attack. He starts receiving pressure from the military high command to verify the official army version of the events. He refuses to comply and starts finding the truth.

But is he aware that this will endanger his life and his family?