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Housebound  (18+)

English Comedy

1 hr 47 mins
What happens when your house is haunted and you don`t want to get rid of that ghost too?
Release Date19 Feb, 2015
DirectorGerard Johnstone
WriterGerard Johnstone
Cast & CrewMorgana O`Reilly, Rima Te Wiata, Glen-Paul Waru
SynopsisWhen Kylie is sentenced to house arrest for eight months after she was caught trying to rob an ATM, she is forced to live with her well-meaning blabbermouth mother Miriam. However, Kylie`s mother claims that the house she lives in is haunted, as there are some strange, horrific incidents that seem to happen quite often. Kylie, too experiences the same while living and she attempts to tell the people around of the malevolent spirit that resides in the house. But the people reacts in a rather cheerful manner and believe that having a ghost in the house would be a good thing.

Written and directed by a debutante director Gerard Johnstone, this comedy horror film will make your mundane weekend a fun-filled one.