Hob Malaki
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Hob Malaki  (PG)

Arabic Romance

1 hr 35 mins
There`s no end to true love!
Release Date28 Aug, 2014
DirectorJamal Salim
WriterJamal Salim
Cast & CrewAbdulla Zaid, Alaa Shaker, Huda Salah
SynopsisWhat happens when he falls in love with his married colleague?

A man madly loves his university colleague, but fails to tell her about it. Two years later when he decides to express his love to her, he finds out that she is married. Soon his lady-love meets with an accident and slips into a coma. He keeps visiting her everyday and expresses his feelings to her. Three years later, she wakes up and asks for the voice that would speak to her while she was in the coma.

Shouldn`t there be a happy ending to this very cute and touching love story.....?