Hardcore Henry
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Hardcore Henry  (TBC)

English Action, Sci-Fi

1 hr 36 mins
A super-human soldier takes revenge on deadly mafias.
Release Date14 Apr, 2016
DirectorIlya Naishuller
WriterIlya Naishuller
Cast & CrewSharlto Copley,Tim Roth,Haley Bennett
SynopsisHenry thought he was dead, until he is woken up in a suspicious lab in Moscow, with no memories of his past, by a woman who claims to be his wife. And to make things worse she tells him that in order to save his life she had to turn him into a half-human, half-robotic hybrid. But before he has the chance to get a grip on reality, armed thugs storm in and kidnap her.

Henry now loaded with new strengths and abilities, goes on a killing spree through the city to save his so called wife from the clutches of a psychopath super villain who also has plans to destroy the world.