Gaston Lagaffe
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Gaston Lagaffe  (PG-13)

French Comedy

1 hr 25 mins
Gaston Lagaffe releases across the UAE cinemas this May.
Release Date24 May, 2018
DirectorPierre-Francois Martin-Laval
WriterMathias Gavarry
Cast & CrewTheo Fernandez, Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval, Arnaud Ducret
SynopsisStory about the famous Gaston Lagaffe who gets hired as an intern in a successful startup whose motto is ``make the useless useful``. Not just his supernatural ability to cause disasters, but his going to the office with his cat, seagull and goldfish creates even bigger problems at the work place. Will he ever be able to put his genius at work?
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