Fukrey Returns
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Fukrey Returns  (PG-15)

Hindi Comedy

2 hrs 40 mins
The Fukrey BOYS are BACK!!
Release Date7 Dec, 2017
DirectorMrighdeep Lamba
WriterVipul Vig
Cast & CrewPulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Varun Sharma, Richa Chadda
SynopsisFukrey Returns` picks up a year later from where it ended. Having enjoyed the spoils of war they had so audaciously waged, the Fukras are now at crossroads with their past, which is about to decide their future. Bent upon a merciless payback, Bholi Punjaban is back and all set to take the Fukras on a deadly ride!

Even a city, as geographically varied as Delhi is not large enough for them to design a well-defined escape trajectory. Unaware of how they`re being master minded by a certain head honcho, the Fukras are on the run again!!

Are the four Fukras going to play out their cards carefully? Will Choocha`s God gifted power come to their rescue? In this furious yet hilarious cat and mouse chase, who will have the last laugh?!
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