Falcon Rising
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Falcon Rising  (15 )

English Action, Adventure

1 hr 43 mins
An action thrill-ride with America`s new action hero - Michael Jai White.
Release Date27 Nov, 2014
DirectorErnie Barbarash
WriterY.T. Parazi
Cast & CrewMichael Jai White,Neal McDonough,Laila Ali
SynopsisHe will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy....

2014`s American action-adventure Falcon Rising, featuring Michael Jai White is the first installment of `CODENAME: FALCON`. The story revolves around an ex-Marine anti-hero, John ``Falcon`` Chapman, who is plagued by a dark secret, consuming him with guilt.

On a self-destructive path, Chapman travels to ``favelas`` of Brazil when he learns that his sister Cindy has been brutally beaten to death. In the process of hunting down her attackers, he discovers an underground world of drugs, prostitution and police corruption ruled by the Japanese mafia and protected by the powerful Hirimoto.