Dolphin Tale 2
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Dolphin Tale 2  (G)

English Drama

1 hr 40 mins
A sweet-emotional sequel to the 2011 `Dolphin Tale`!
Release Date2 Oct, 2014
DirectorCharles Martin Smith
WriterKaren Janszen
Cast & CrewMorgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble
SynopsisFulfill your dream of swimming with the giant, beautiful and friendly dolphins as they return to the cinemas!

The film is inspired by true events! 14-year-old Sawyer, is approached by a professor from Boston University to attend an elite SEA Semester program for three months, earning him a full scholarship. However, Sawyer is not too sure to leave Winter and CMA, the aquarium for this extended time period.

Soon, Winter finds a new friend, another dolphin named Panama. But due to old age and several health issues, Panama dies. Her death upsets everyone in the aquarium but affects Winter the hardest.
Now as per the animal welfare laws the dolphins are to be kept in pairs, so Sawyer must find a new companion for Winter so that she can remain in CMA.

It sounds simple, but will things work in Sawyer`s favor? Will he be able to keep Winter with him in the aquarium?

Go with friends and family, watch the heartwarming story of Winter, Sawyer and her extended CMA family!