Decoding Annie Parker
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Decoding Annie Parker  (15+)

English Drama

1 hr 35 mins
The story of a three-time cancer survivor!
Release Date9 Oct, 2014
DirectorSteven Bernstein
WriterAdam Bernstein, Steven Bernstein
Cast & CrewSamantha Morton, Helen Hunt, Maggie Grace, Aaron Paul
SynopsisDecoding Annie Parker is about one of the most important genetic discoveries of the 20th century!

Based on true events, the film tells the life affirming story of two remarkable women; the irrepressible Annie Parker, a three time cancer survivor and the geneticist Mary-Claire King whose discovery of the breast cancer BRCA gene mutation is considered one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century.

11-year-old Annie Parker, living the perfect young life, loses her mother due to cancer. After few years, she loses her father too. At the age of 19, she marries Paul, a young guy and is already pregnant. Paul becomes her source of her joy and her older sister becomes her spirit guide. But her newly found happiness is also short-lived, as her elder sister too falls victim to the same evil that killed their mother; and dies, leaving Annie virtually alone.

Annie Parkers challenges had hardly begun, soon, she is diagnosed with the same disease that killed her mother and sister - breast cancer! The disease just not affects her body, but also her relationship with her husband, her child and her friends.

This time she fights the killing disease.....and how.....A must watch!