Darker Than NIght
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Darker Than NIght  (18 )

English Horror

1 hr 36 mins
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Release Date29 Jan, 2015
DirectorHenry Bedwell
WriterHenry Bedwell
Cast & CrewZuria Vega,Adriana Louvier,Erendira Ibarra
SynopsisAfter her aunt`s sad demise, Greta moves to her mansion with a duty to take proper care of her late aunt`s prized black cat, Beker. However, she starts throwing wild parties in the mansion and has a gala time with her friends. But her life takes a horrific change when Beker drowns in the pool.

Darker Than Night is a horror flick, directed by Henry Bedwell and stars Zuria Vega, Adriana Louvier and Erendira Ibarra in pivotal roles.