Cuban Fury
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Cuban Fury  

English Comedy, Dance, Romance

1 hr 38 mins
Salsa, engineering and love...all on the dance floor!
Release Date19 Jun, 2014
DirectorJames Griffiths
WriterJon Brown, Nick Frost
Cast & CrewNick Frost, Rashida Jones, Chris O`Dowd
SynopsisHis dance was everything that he lived for, but a freakish bullying incident during his teen years overshadowed his only passion in life. 22 years later, Bruce Garrett, the UK Junior Salsa Champion has now gone out-of-shape and become a sad-sack engineer. But, his passion and love for dance is re-ignited when he finds that his crush the smart and gorgeous new American boss Julia also has a secret passion for dancing. To become worthy enough to gain Julia`s love, Bruce must now master the art of dancing and regain his long lost love and fury.