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Clown  (18+)

English Horror

1 hr 40 mins
A `Clown` is here to scare you!
Release Date26 Mar, 2015
DirectorJon watts
WriterChristopher D. Ford, Jon watts
Cast & CrewLaura Allen, Andy Powers, Peter Stormare, Eli Roth
SynopsisKent McCoy is leading a happy life with his family. On his son`s birthday, he plans a party for him and his friends. At the last moment, when the clown fails to come to the party to entertain the kids, Kent accidentally finds a clown suit in the attic and decides to entertain the kids by becoming one. But action of Kent changes everything thereafter; he later realizes that the clown suit he wore cannot be removed. And the suit is a part of an evil curse that turns the wearer into a killer!

Starring Laura Allen, Andy Powers, Peter Stormare and Eli Roth, Clown is an awesome horror flick to kickstart your eventful weekend.