Catch Hell
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Catch Hell  (15 )

English Action, Drama, Thriller

1 hr 38 mins
Guaranteeing you some amazing thrilling scenes, suspense and action.
Release Date20 Nov, 2014
DirectorRyan Phillippe
WriterJoe Gossett,Ryan Phillippe
Cast & CrewRyan Phillippe,Tig Notaro,James DuMont
SynopsisHe never knew that his success will make him pay a heavy price....!

Ryan Phillippe`s directorial venture follows the thrilling and dramatic life of a former Hollywood star, Reagan Pearce, essayed by the director himself. In his career tailspin, Pearce travels to Louisiana for a shoot where he gets kidnapped by two men, who have some weird connection with his past.

Chained in a swamp-side shack, he soon discovers the intentions of the captors, but finds himself amidst a twisted scheme with little or probably no chance to survive.

Will he be able to save himself or not, forms the rest of the story!