Cairo Time
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Cairo Time  (PG-13)

Arabic Drama

1 hr 50 mins
A moving drama telling stories of three different individuals.
Release Date12 Mar, 2015
DirectorAmir Ramses
WriterAmir Ramses
Cast & CrewNour El Sherif,Mirvat Amen,Samir Sabri
SynopsisCairo Time is a film that tells three different stories that takes place in Cairo on one single day! The story revolves around Lila, a retired actress who is looking for her co-star, Salma, who is dealing her life after her marriage breaks down and Hazem, a young drug dealer who picks up an old man with Alzheimer`s disease.

Starring Nour El Sherif, Mirvat Amen and Samir Sabri, this film had all the drama and emotions you need.