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English Action, Crime, Thriller

1 hr 27 mins
Danny Trejo, the tough guy is in action, NOW!
Release Date9 Oct, 2014
DirectorNick Lyon
WriterNick Lyon, Ron Peer
Cast & CrewDanny Trejo, Torsten Voges, Jonathan Banks
SynopsisHere again, a cop gets things done by bending the rules!

Detective Frank ``Bullet`` Marasco is assigned to hunt down the notorious drug baron Carlito Kane. Along with his team, he storms one of Kane`s hideouts but fails to capture him.

Soon, Kane kidnaps Governor Johnson`s daughter, in a bid to save his son Manuel from execution via lethal injection. In order to exact revenge on Bullet, Kane kidnaps his grandson Mario.

Now to save his grandson, Bullet resigns from his job and secretly becomes a vigilante!

Bullet fires, car chases, action and lots more, watch how the undercover cop fights his nemesis and saves the kidnapped!