Black Sea
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Black Sea  (TBC)

English Thriller

1 hr 55 mins
Catch this adventure thriller to make your evening much more thrilling and fun-filled.
Release Date29 Jan, 2015
DirectorKevin Macdonald
WriterDennis Kelly
Cast & CrewJude Law,Jodie Whittaker,Ben mendelsohn
SynopsisBlack Sea tells a story about a former naval officer Robinson, played by the Jude Law who after losing his job forms a misfit crow of unemployed sailors both from British and Russia for an extremely risky mission. The mission being, to find a sunken Nazi U-boat in the Black Sea, which is rumored to have a fortune of gold. Soon, there comes cultural clashes and differences. However, the mission has to be finished soon.

Along with Law, this film also stars Scoot McNairy, Karl Davies, and Konstantin Khabensky in important roles.