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Bis  (18+)

French Comedy

1 hr 41 mins
A time-travel comedy with French comic stars Kad Merad and Frank Dubosc.
Release Date19 Mar, 2015
DirectorDominique Farrugia
WriterMatthieu Delaporte, Nans Delgado
Cast & CrewFranck Dubosc, Kad Merad, Alexandra Lamy
SynopsisAfter movies like `Hot Tub Time Machine`, `Camille Rewinds`, `Back to the Future`, `Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure` and `Big and 17 Again`, here`s another interesting time-travel story. Bis tells the story of two odd characters played by Frank Dubosc and Kad Merad as they revisit the 80s. Amidst a mid-life crisis, two high school friends, Eric and Patrick are magically whisked back to their young days. They now, get a chance to relive their pasts and maybe even change their futures.