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Beyond  (15+)

English Thriller

1 hr 30 mins
An intriguing story from the cold regions of Alaska.
Release Date9 Oct, 2014
DirectorJosef Rusnak
WriterGregory Gieras
Cast & CrewJon Voight, Teri Polo, Ben Crowley
SynopsisWatch Jon Voight performing his best in Beyond!

This supernatural-thriller follows a seven-year-old girl named Amy, who gets kidnapped one night, from her bedroom in a small suburb of Anchorage. Her mother Sarah asks for help from a radio-man with psychic powers, who claims to have seen her alive. Soon, the police chief, Amy`s uncle, assigns the case to a veteran detective from Anchorage Police Department. Inspector John Koski (John Voight), who is about to retire, joins hands with the tabloid psychic, to track down the missing girl.