Behaving Badly
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Behaving Badly  (TBC)

English Comedy

1 hr 37 mins
A teenage boy head over heels in love with the most popular girl in school! Cliched, but a superhit formula!
Release Date19 Mar, 2015
DirectorTim Garrick
WriterTim Garrick
Cast & CrewNat Wolff,Selena Gomez,Mary-Louise Parker,Elisabeth Shue,Dylan McDermott
SynopsisTeenage love is cute and adorable, but it can land you in a trouble as well!

Behaving Badly tells a story about a socially awkward, love-struck teenager Rick Stevens, who is madly in love with the girl of his dreams Selena Gomez, who is the most popular girl at the school and is also the teen queen and pop superstar. He can do anything (read, ANYTHING) to win her heart, and this make him indulge in a bet with a mobster`s son. From here starts the journey of this outrageously funny film.

All the teenage girls and fans of Selena Gomez out there, this film is the perfect getaway with your girlfriends during the weekend.