Beeba Boys
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Beeba Boys  

English Drama

1 hr 46 mins
Deepa Mehta returns with another brand new visual feast!
Release Date21 Jan, 2016
DirectorDeepa Mehta
WriterDeepa Mehta
Cast & CrewRandeep Hooda,Ali Momen,Sarah Allen
SynopsisJeet Johar is a loving single father, a dutiful son, a proud, observant Sikh. But, he is also hiding another personality, one who is a ruthless gangster managing a team of stylish, charismatic but brutal and unforgiving young men. Competing with rival gangs for increasingly shrinking turf, Jeet is under pressure that only increases when he falls for a beautiful blond juror at his murder trial and takes under his wing a new member with a suspicious background.