Beauty And The Beast (French)
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Beauty And The Beast (French)  

French Romance

2 hrs 5 mins
A magical recreation of the classic fairy tale!
Release Date6 Nov, 2014
DirectorChristophe Gans
WriterSandra Vo-Anh, Christophe Gans
Cast & CrewVincent Cassel, Lea Seydoux, Andre Dussollier
SynopsisA widowed merchant forcefully sells his house and along with his six children moves to a simple house in the countryside. Among them is Beauty, his youngest and the prettiest daughter.

One day, the merchant stumbles across the magical domain of the Beast, and takes the treasure from his castle, but unfortunately gets captured by the Beast while stealing a rose for Beauty. When she comes to know about her father`s punishment, Beauty decides to sacrifice herself and take her father`s place. At the castle, Beauty, has to live a strange life where she has to dine with the Beast every evening and accept his love. But she doesn`t accepts his love!

Later, when Beauty discovers about the Beast`s tragic past, she manages to break the spell casted on him and thereafter discovers true love.