Barbie In Princess Power
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Barbie In Princess Power  (G)

English Animation

1 hr 30 mins
Rekindle your love for Barbie dolls with this amazing animated film!
Release Date22 Jan, 2015
DirectorZeke Norton
WriterMarsha Griffin
Cast & CrewRebecca Hussain,Britt Irvin,Michael kopsa
SynopsisInspired by the most-loved Barbie dolls, this film is about a modern-day princess who leads an everyday life. However, one day she is kissed by a magical butterfly that gives her a super power to transform herself into Super Sparkle! But soon her envious cousin finds the butterfly and transforms herself into Dark Sparkle her nemesis. Barbie in Princess Power teaches us that there is no greater power than the power of friendship.

Come, and enjoy this sparkling animated movie, perfect for all age group!